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  • doğal bağırsaklar


    Plastic 5 layers Polyamide Casings
    All colors available on request
    The Calibers range: 32 - 160

  • plastik bağırsaklar


    Natural Dry Casings
    Pressed, Cleaned, Natural Dry Casings
    The Calibers Range : From 40 to 60+
    Natural Salted Casings
    Cleaned and Salted
    The Calibers Range : From 34 to 45

  • Natural Food Colorants


    Natural Food Colorants

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  • baharat mixler


    Paprika | Capsicum | Nutmeg
    Cumin | Coriander | Black Pepper | Ginger

    Spice Mixes
    Turkish type Sucuk Combi - Salami Combi
    Sausage CombiSosis Kombi - Meat Ball Combi
    Chicken Ham Combi - Beef Ham Combi
    High water and Fat binding Cold and Warm Stabilizers
    Food Flavors